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Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest School is an inspirational learning and development concept that enables learners to develop and explore through hands-on experiences.  Regular opportunities to achieve through child-appropriate activities are presented, and learners are able to take responsibilities for themselves and others in a natural woodland environment.


Forest School develops innate motivation, promoting a positive attitude to learning and building confidence, self-esteem and independence. The Forest School ethos considers learners holistically and well delivered programmes are characterised by establishment of positive relationships and development of activities in learner-appropriate, achievable steps.


Forest School involves regularly visiting the same woodland area over an extended period of time.  The emphasis of a programme is learning in the outdoors rather than learning about the outdoors; although this occurs naturally from being inquisitive in nature. Learners are encouraged to take a role in leading their sessions as their confidence grows within the site, leading to a more direct experience of the natural environment through child-led exploratory play.


Within the range of activities that can exist in a Forest School programme, many can be linked to National Curriculum objectives and learners' health and well-being benefit greatly from the time in nature.



Forest School at your setting

Forest School programmes run regularly over time, ideally once a week ranging from a few months to over several years. School groups benefit from Forest School programmes, but any group of people can become learners, from pre-school to adult.


Wild4 currently runs Forest School programmes across Norfolk.  We can run Forest School programmes at private sites or areas close to settings.


Contact us on [email protected] to discuss programme possibilities and prices.