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Outdoor Learning

At Wild4, we love to learn new things and to share our knowledge with others outdoors.  All the Outdoor Learning sessions below can be tailored to suit different Key Stages and settings. Woodland Learning utilises educational games and combines classroom and outdoor work; this encourages learners to engage deeply with their experience and provides opportunities for groups to learn together in novel, exciting ways. All Woodland Learning sessions can run for a whole or half a day, please contact us to discuss options.



Wild4Nature – a tailored investigation of your school and local natural environment.  Learners will examine their school site and the surrounding area, collecting specimens and designing their own habitats. Field diaries can be created for future observations, animal track traps and pit fall traps can be set up to further investigate the wildlife that visits your area. Any aspects mentioned in the sessions below can be incorporated, such as minibeast hotels or mammal or bird feeding stations.



Wild4Minibeasts – discover what minibeasts live in your school grounds and local area. Indoor and outdoor experiences allow learners to investigate minibeast habitats and lives. Games and interactive elements will keep brains switched on and inspire learners to explore. Plus, meet some of the Wild4Minibeasts creatures and count their many legs whilst learning how they compare to British species. Planning and building of a minibeast hotel in the school grounds can be included.



Wild4Plants – what plants do you pass by every day? Why are native plants better for our wildlife? Learners will become a tree, build a plant from the roots up, pollinate flowers as bees and grow into healthy plants from tiny seeds. They might even get the chance to make art from plants! Games and outdoor exploration ensure that learners have fun experiencing plants first hand, not just in textbooks.



Wild4Art – learners will view and discuss examples of natural art and begin thinking about their own creations. They will explore the school grounds and the Wild4Art Toolbox to discover an array of materials that we find naturally around us. Artistic installations will be made in groups or individually before declaring the Natural Art Gallery open for business; learners and staff will be given guided tours by the artists.



Wild4Survival – could you survive outdoors? Learners will discover how animals survive in nature and discuss adaptation. They will consider how well adapted humans are before braving the outdoors and putting themselves to the test. The session can include shelter building, animal tracking, camouflage techniques and navigation. There is an option for hot drinks to be made using a storm kettle and for survivors to toast their victory with marshmallows and other campfire treats.



Wild4ForestSchool – check out our Forest School page for more information and get in touch to discuss options for a programme at your setting, a local greenspace or nearby woodland, or even at a local beach.



Wild4WoodlandLearning – if you'd love to have a Forest School programme at your setting, but can't for any reason (time constraints, group sizes, available sites, etc.), Wild4 can create a tailored programme, series of visits, or single one-off visit for any group.  Get in touch with your initial ideas and we will work with you to create the best package for your groups at your chosen setting.

Literacy Links

All of the Woodland Learning sessions can be linked to literacy outcomes.  We love words and have years of experience with stories, from being read them through childhood, to writing and telling stories today.  Groups are encouraged to describe things they find and experience, creating a record of their day.  Written work could be in the form of a diary entry, a story to be retold or a field notebook.  Follow up resources can be left for pupils to complete in following sessions encouraging literacy follow on from your Wild4 visit.


Feeling Adventurous?

At Wild4, we love all things adventure! But being adventurous doesn’t need to mean climbing Everest or swimming the Channel.  Adventure can come from successfully crossing a slackline, making a fire to toast marshmallows, learning to build shelters or orienteering around the school grounds.  At Wild4 we find that children learn best when they’re having fun, so interspersing a day visit with some adventurous activities helps keep brains happy and switched on to learning.

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